HyperSpins Fire Mask 9 Slot Game Features

The motivation for this re-release was to marry 9 Masks of Fire with the HyperSpins mechanic. The rest remains the same, meaning players get free spins with multipliers and mask scatter prizes.

It’s possible that even Gameburger Studios couldn’t have predicted how popular their 9 Masks of Fire slot would become. Released in late 2019, the game still has the right mix of look, feel, and gameplay that has many players chasing masks for instant rewards.

Mimin’s not talking about huge fortunes if you haven’t played it, but Gameburger creates the kind of games that other studios are trying to emulate – we’re pleasantly surprised. Now we have a re-release that offers everything players enjoyed about the first slot bet 200 9 Masks of Fire with the added opportunities for trial and error provided by the HyperSpins feature.

If you haven’t played 9 Masks of Fire, it’s a relatively simple setup involving a 5 reel, 3 row game grid, using 20 fixed paylines to land winners. Gameburger took a warrior’s point of view when designing the game, not only tying in the scattered mahjong ways 2 masks but also creating a hot, fiery and exotic theme that many satisfied players loved. All of these things return for 9 Masks of Fire HyperSpins, where the only difference is the HyperSpins value displayed at the bottom of each reel. Rhythmic drumming and singing complete the experience, increasing its intensity to match what is happening on the grid.

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